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Admissions open for Nursery to 12th
About Us

About Us

As globalization accelerates, the world’s challenges are becoming more complex. Sanskar Valley Sachool Rathara Rewa sit at the crux of enormous opportunity and often serve as dynamic and vibrant beacons of light in their communities. They foster global perspectives, exemplify cross-cultural collaboration, and leverage the power of cultural diversity to prepare students to become global contributors. International Schools Services is the catalyst that helps unlock the power of international schools.
As we live in testing times the trust of our efforts involve continued rigorous of staff development and richment of all student’s of all student’s programs and meaningful partnership with parents and community
You clearly understand that failure is an event, not a person; that yesterday ended last night and today is your brand new day.
You love the unlovable, give hope to the hopeless, friendship to the friendless and encouragement to the discouraged.


The preparatory school system is divided into Nursery, L.K.G. , U.K.G. Primary,Middle,Heigh and Heigher Sec.  On those academic years with separate and specific learning and co-curricular programmes. There are periodical evaluation systems - Quarterly, Half - Yearly and Annual. Children are encouraged to become aware of their world, to learn and develop basic concepts of language, Mathematics, Fine Arts, Music etc. which are integral parts of curriculum. This will help children develop creativity, interest and motivation, attitude and aptitude and physical fitness.
Available Streams are


Sanskar Valley School aims at imparting quality education through holistic, scholastic and spiritual approach in its pursuit of excellence in all fields. In this era of globalization and liberation, it prepares students to have a competitive edge over others to meet the global perspective with the best of technology in education. The school ensures physical, mental and moral growth of the students through training in co-operation, consideration, team-spirit and service, hence enhancing their mental horizon. We cultivate and develop the aesthetic sense of the students and channelize their youthful energy into creativity and self actualization. We enable the impressionable minds to take up extensive reading habits and healthy recreational activities for a lifetime of happy and healthy mindset.


Sanskar Valley School inculcates in its students the spirit of patriotism building responsible citizens and future leaders who have social and ethical values which help to think beyond caste, community, religion and region. Through co-scholastic activities, the students not only learn life skills but also take up social and community responsibilities enthusiastically. Out teachers’ upgradation programmes have enabled us to provide quality and monitor education to the rural and remotest areas of our nation. We have managed to bring in a change in the lives of people through programmes like MEED ( Mother’s Empowerment for Educational Development )- which provides free training to mothers of the students by arming them with the knowledge to handle computers, improve spoken English and parenting skills.

Why Choose Us

  • Rewa’s First Fully Hi-tech School Campus.
  • Limited and Selected Students in each class.
  • Study throught modern Education Pattern of Sanskar Valley School Rewa.
  • Well Decorated & A.C. Class Rooms.
  • World Level siting Arrangement for Tiny Tots
  • Luxury Transport Facility , by the care of School Management
  • Every day Art & Croft and Games Classes.
  • Silent and Peaceful Atmosphere for study.
  • Innovative method to teachevery concept.
  • Teaching through L.C.D Projectors & English Language Lab.
  • Personal and intensive care on slow learners.
  • We assess every child and provide individualizes feedback, No Bay burden.
  • Personnality Development and Communication Skills Traning.
  • Join your Child and experience the change.
  • Our Mono is Provide the quality education.